Student Removals

We are very lucky in Exeter to have such a large student population that really adds to the diversity and energy of our city.  

We understand that moving away from home for the first time is pretty nerve racking, we’ve been there, and had so much fun we made Exeter our permanent home! However,  with things the way they are at the moment and the uncertainty that COVID has bought to our lives this year is not going to be straight forward for many of you, and we are here to help.  

If you take the decision to head home to continue your studies from there then please give us a call if you require our services to move or store your belongings until you are able to return.  

For many of you we know a return home is not just a quick trip up the M5. To take up your studies here at Exeter many of you have travelled from countries as far away as China, Korea, Brazil, Australia and the United States , to name just a few of the many places Exeter’s students call home. 

You, along with many of our UK based students, are not going to want to cart all your belongings home with you for the short few months of summer. So when it  comes to the summer holidays in 2021 and you need somewhere to store your belongings while you return home to visit friends and family, look no further than Busy Chaps to look after you.  

We will collect all your property from your halls of residence or other student accommodation in Exeter and store your property until you want it delivered to your new accommodation at the beginning of the new academic year. 

For any of you studying foreign languages you may be off to study abroad for a year. While you are way we have long term storage options to make sure everything is looked after for you during your time away. As with all of our other storage service we can collect your belongings on a date to suit you, and take to storage. We appreciate that you may not have your new accommodation arranged a year or so in advance, so you can just let us know your new address by email and a delivery date when you are ready.  

We have early bird student storage prices from as low as £1 per box per week and include free collection and drop off, all the packing materials you may need (including decent boxes!) and total flexibility to help you plan in these uncertain times. 

Please use our Student Storage quote calculator below and either call or drop us an email to get your storage booked for summer 2021.