House Removals

If you want a reliable and trusted company to take care of your home move then we would be very happy to give you a quote, as home removals is our speciality! We operate throughout the Exeter and Devon area and can move your home locally, or nationally if required. 

Make an appointment for us to come and visit  your home for a free, no obligation quote at a time to suit you. 

Alternatively give us a call on 01392 680557 so we can have a chat about your requirements and answer any questions you may have. Or take a moment to fill out our online quote form and we will get back to you with a price for your home move without delay. 

In the meantime please take a moment to read what our many happy customers have to say about our Exeter removals service on our Google reviews page. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the years, planning and conducting home removals for the people of Exeter. There is no doubt why we have been voted Exeter’s No. 1 removal service. 

All of the Busy Chaps Removals team are trained and experienced removals professionals. Our vehicles have strapping and ratchet systems to keep your belongings in place and padded blankets to protect everything while in transit. For extra re-assurance all of our vehicles carry goods in transit insurance so your home move really is in the safest of hands. 

Preparing for the arrival of the Busy Chaps Home Removals Team. 

To help make your home move go as smoothly as possible we have put together a home removals checklist for you. If you would like a copy to print out there is a PDF version ready to download here. 

The Golden Rule of Home Removals! 

The Golden Rule of home removals is to start preparation and planning as early as possible. We recommend giving yourself at least 4 weeks lead time, although appreciate that this is not always possible. 

4 Weeks Before Move Day
Call Busy Chaps and get us booked in for the home removal.  (We will order and deliver all your packing materials)  Remember to book the time off work.  Think about ordering carpets and curtains for the new home.   Plan where you are going to want all your furniture and belongings to go.  Start to declutter and clear out things you no longer need.  (check our house clearance page for ways we can help) 
Two weeks before moving day 
You can now start to pack, begin with non-essentials  Order a re-direct for your mail with the Post Office  Let your utility companies know you are moving home  (This is a great opportunity to check you are getting the best deals on your various utilities - check out  or  Let local council know you are moving as well as TV licensing 
One week before moving day 
Let your insurance companies know your new address  Send friends and family change of address information  Arrange child and/or pet care for moving day  Dig up any plants you are taking and get them potted   Let your doctor and dentist know you are moving and if necessary register with a new one 
Two days before... 
Everything should be packed now!   Make up a box of moving day essentials, we have some ideas of what you might like to include here  Defrost the freezer  Un-plumb the washing machine and dishwasher  Set aside anything you will be transporting yourself 
Label where you would like each box to go in your new home  Strip all the beds  Ensure access to your property and parking is clear  Put down some sheeting to protect the floors  Sit back and relax because everything is prepared and Busy Chaps are going to do the rest 


If we have long distance to travel to your new home please be aware that unforeseen circumstances (mainly UK traffic!) can lead to delays in getting there. If you need to meet anyone at your new property on moving day then we recommend giving them a 2 hour arrival window and then contact them again once we are 30 minutes out.