These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from customer looking to book our removals service in Exeter. 

If you have any questions at all please give us a call on 01392 680557 or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk. Alternatively you can obtain an online quote for your removal on our Get a Quote page. 

Every house move is completely different and it is very difficult for us to give a set price. The best thing to do is give us a call on 01392 680557 so we can have a chat discuss your individual requirements, or visit our Get a Quote page for other ways of getting a quote. 

It is best to plan and book in your home removal as early as possible, we recommend getting in touch 4 weeks before removal day.

We can supply high quality cardboard boxes for your home or office move as well as all other packing materials that you may need including and packing paper and tape.

Please visit our Cardboard Boxes page for a list and prices of all our boxes and packaging supplies. 

With all the care and attention that our home removal specialists take with our clients property we all know that accidents can happen. We have all the relevant insurance required liability and goods in transit insurance to conduct home and office removals as well as all the other services that we offer. You can book Busy Chaps for your removal safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen we have you covered. 

We would need to look at this on a case by case basis. We are not trained plumbers or home appliance technicians, however for fairly simple moves it may be possible if access to pipes and water mains is easy. 

We do offer a fantastic packing service taking even more of the stress out of moving home. The cost varies depending on the amount of items that require packing so please give us a call on 01392 680557 or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk to discuss our personal home packing service.

This is a service that we need to assess on a case by case basis. It is certainly possible with the proviso that we would not be able to unpack personal items like clothes, toiletries, toys and kitchenware. However it should be possible for larger decorative items. 

We have come across many challenging home and office moves over the years and will certainly be able to find a solution that works for you. It may be that we need to park our vehicle a little further from your office, but don’t worry our removal specialists will welcome the additional exercise! Please give us a call on 01392 680557 or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk and we can discuss the particular requirements for your office move.

The earlier you start planning your home move the better, and we recommend starting at least 4 weeks in advance. Visit our Home Removals page for more advice on how to plan your home move. If you would rather speak to us we are happy to discuss home removals and help you with the planning any time. Please give us a call on 01392 680557 to chat, or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk to set up an appointment.

We are able to provide home moves into Europe however each move must be priced up on a case by case basis due to the differing costs of commercial vehicle fares on ferries and the channel tunnel. 

We are a small family removal company who have been serving the removal needs of the people of Exeter and Devon for several years now. Please visit our Google reviews page to see how satisfied you will be if you use Busy Chaps for your home move or house clearance.  

We are happy to complete home removals and house clearances to any part of the UK and beyond. Each move is different and presents its own challenges, so please give us a call on 01392 680557 or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk to obtain a no obligation quote. 

All of our removal experts carry tools in the vehicle to help facilitate the removal of large items of furniture. We are more than happy to take apart large wardrobes, beds, book shelves and any other large pieces of furniture to help make your home removal go smoothly. 

That depends on a number of factors like big the home removal job is, how close can we get the van to the front door of the property and local traffic conditions on the day of the home move. Please get in touch and we can discuss your individual home removal requirements and will be able to give you an approximate timeline for the job. 

As each house clearance is totally different we would need to speak with you about your specific requirements to know how many removal specialists to supply for the job. Give us a call on 01392 680557 or drop us an email to info@busychaps.co.uk so we can discuss your house clearance in more detail. 

The number of vehicles required for your house move will depend entirely on how many boxes or belongings you have, and the quantity of furniture you need us to move. You can use our quotation calculator to get an approximate idea of the cost of your move and we will be in touch to go over the finer detail and work out the exact number of vehicles and removal specialists required.